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We love travel. We love travel writing. We love travel writers! You'll find travel writer resources for both the novice and professional travel writer. Learn how to get started in travel writing, find markets, press trips, story ideas, media kits, research and much more...

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Media Kitty.
This is an excellent tool for journalists and tourism professionals worldwide. 


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A Day In The Life of a Travel Writer...

The moist breath of the surrounding rain forest flows through you with each lungfull of air as the small group makes its way along the narrow trail carved out of the steep river bank. Above, sunlight filters through the high canopy; below, the river flows lazily along, its high banks thick with jungle growth. You walk along the narrow path in the late morning sun, the jungle and your fellow hikers glistening in the hot dampness of the rain forest. Every several yards, your guide turns and explains the flora and fauna surrounding you, or maybe a historical tidbit about the ancient trail you follow. Occasionally a raised hand abruptly motions the group to silence, a half-dozen pairs of eyes follow the guide's stare; peering into the dense bush... a sighting of an endemic jungle bird, a rare privilege to see and hear. You clamber along the trail, taking it all in.

As you walk along, you think about all the different angles you can use to write and publish several different articles from this one journey into the rain forest. You look forward to sharing the heat, dampness, and buzzing life of this thick jungle forest. You smile to yourself as you make your way through the brush... "I've got the best job in the world..."With a little hard work, dedication, and the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course, this can be you -Start your journey today!back to the top

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