Writer’s Guidelines

Thank you for your interest. At this time the Traveler is not accepting any submissions.

TouristTravel.com and the Traveler is currently undergoing redesign for a projected relaunch in the summer of 2014. We will contact prospective writers when we are once again regularly publishing freelance travel writing. Thanks for your patience. 

Submission Guidelines for the Traveler Blog

The Traveler began as a monthly ezine in June 2001. In 2007 the Traveler ezine  became the Traveler Blog, but like the ezine that started it all, our goal is to offer opportunities for writers to post articles, tips, and travelogues for our readers to learn and enjoy.

We remain eager to help new writers get their first clips, but look increasingly toward long term relationships with writers – maybe that’s you!

As always, this is what we’re specifically looking for:

First hand accounts of interesting stories and interesting places, preferably with a dash of wit. First person, human interest, and humor are all welcome.

We also have an interest in eco and sustainable travel opportunities.

Make sure to include links in your article! This is an online publication. If you are unfamiliar with terms like link anchor text and have never added a link in your writing, you should learn how (even for writing offline in Word).

There should be at least three links to resources, places, or information pertaining to the topic of your article within the body text. This is absolutely required!

You should also understand basic principals of online writing like “chunking” content into shorter, unindented paragraphs.

Please read the blog before submitting to get an idea of the feel and tone:

Query or send complete articles:

Submit short tips, alerts, and advisories up to 250 words to tips [at] touristtravel.com

Submit feature articles of 250 to 1200 words to article [at] touristtravel.com


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to pay new writers. We hope this situation will soon change and we understand if you’re not interested in writing for free. We plan on reviewing our current postion on payment in the next few weeks, and we remain loyal to writers that remain loyal to us.


We request non-exclusive electronic rights for your work (we don’t pay enough to expect full rights. We are happy to consider work published elsewhere).. You are free to publish your work elsewhere, but ask that you link back to us if you do. 


We love photos to accompany your submission, but, alas, can not pay any extra for them. Please submit your photos as jpeg attachments to an email at 70dpi.

Final thoughts:

Please limit all submissions to 1200 words or less. Generally, less is more.  We will not consider work sent that does not adhere to these guidelines without prior permission from the editor. So if you have a longer piece that you’d really like us to consider, ask us if it’s okay before you send in the article.  But we strongly urge you to try to edit any long pieces to within 1200 words. That is our preference and you stand a much better chance of getting published in the Traveler Blog if you do!


If you have any questions, please do not respond to this auto-generated message. Send any inquiries to:

tom [at] touristtravel.com

Thanks for your interest!