Part two – The Journey in England continues…

The Paddington Bear stories were a favorite with my daughters and now with my grand daughters.  Here at Paddington Station, the bear sits ready to be adopted and enjoyed, along with copies of the stories.

July 4, 2011

We’re continuing our journey using only our own steam and public transportation in England and France. So far, so good—a real fun adventure.

In London, with our light bags, we took the tube from our hotel to Paddington Station, then walked to the Brit Rail terminal there to connect to our train for the short jaunt to the quaint village of Henley-on-Thames. My partner Landon, was competing in the Henley Masters rowing regatta.

Standing with my one rolling bag and my carry on, on the train ready to leave for Henley-on-Thames.  We'd just been on two subways and walked a ways through the station, so appreciated the light bags.

We settled in for the trip and relaxed– someone else was in charge, our job was to enjoy the beauty of the changing countryside as it unfolded in front of us.

We passed neat farms, quaint villages clustered around a church steeple and fields of bright yellow and purple wild flowers. We read and day dreamed. I relished the ease of the train and the relief from driving.

When we arrived in Henley, we walked the several blocks to our apartment, which overlooked the river. For the next six days, we got around by bicycle or walking.

Having an apartment meant that we could prepare some of our own meals, or make ourselves a cup of coffee or tea. I enjoy shopping in other countries, looking at all the interesting foods and their unique labels, buying fresh fruits and vegetables at the open markets and feeling like a local.

My partner won both of his races and I enjoyed cycling along the Thames or wandering around the quaint village of Henley.

We rested up for a big day of travel on our next jaunt—back to London, then to Paris on the Eurostar and then continuing on to Normandy.



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