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Timeless in Olema

Olema - voices from the past on a moonlit night


Named after the Miwok Indian word for Coyote, the little town of Olema is a quiet outpost of rolling hills and green pastureland on the eastern edge of the Point Reyes seashore. It’s one traffic light, perpetually blinking red, stands as a sentinel at the intersection of Sir Francis Drake Drive and Highway One. An oasis of of aging hippies, ranchers, and refugees from the City, Olema is a force of serenity on a rushed and rattled world making its way to the red blinking light standing guard at the end of the road.

I lay quietly on a clear and cool autumn night, the sky choked with stars as soft patches of moonlight illuminate the bedstead near my pillow through the parted curtains of the cottage window. In the stillness, almost like an apparition at first, I hear a soft yet persistent wail reverberate through the valley. It is the town’s namesake, coyote, baying at the moonlit night.

I am lost in timelessness, as if out in the crystalline darkness the haunting sounds of the night echo through the centuries as the Miwok and I lay motionless in the still night, entranced and enchanted, listening as if in a half-dream, to the call of Olema.

Image credit: tomswift46, courtesy flickr

5 Tips for Aspiring Travel Writers

Learning travel writing combines adventure, fun, and hard workEver dream of being a travel writer? We understand here at the Traveler. We love reading travel adventure and seeing the world through another person’s insightful gaze. Sometimes we just like hearing about a cool new place to visit.

Since  we started the Traveler back in 2001, we’ve enjoyed giving new writers their first clips and developing long term relationships with many of them.

But even a publication like the Traveler that seeks out new writers can’t publish most of stories submitted for consideration. As much as we’d like to give everyone a chance, we can’t. Frankly, too many aspiring writers don’t follow some basic fundamentals for approaching editors. Here are some starter tips for getting your travel writing foot in the door:

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Christmas in San Francisco: Redux

It’s sort of a tradition here at Tourist Travel. An article to warm the heart, not to mention an excellent way to spend a little bit of your holiday time. So sit back and enjoy……

Christmas in San Francisco

New fallen snow blanketed the countryside. The sounds of passing cars along the road were muted in the still, peaceful air. Hills and valleys, in their blanket of snow, rolled softly into the distance, bathed in the mellow light of a nearly full moon. A woody smell of burning pine and warm hearths teased at my nostrils as I turned up the lane toward the house, snow crunching beneath my boots……

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Autumn Color : Why I Love Fall Best

Why Autumn?

Why do I like Autumn best?

Autumn is the harvest. Of reaping what is has been sown.

It’s the mellowing, angled light of the fall sun; the long shadows in the late afternoons cast by the autumn sun hanging low in the southwestern sky.

The cycle of gentle decay, of dying leaves  that bloom with magnificent color, a beautiful farewell and promise of another spring after the hard winter ahead. A celebration of the cyclic nature of things here on this earth.

It’s just a fancy way of saying it’s the colors of autumn that make the season my favorite.

Sometimes winter gets ahead of herself, moving in with an early storm and hastening, with the chill wind, an early blanket of white snow, adding it’s own color to a wintry-autumn scene.

Winter in Autumn – photos from Cheyenne, Wyoming by Roy Barnes


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Images of Galapagos: Isabela Twilight

Images of Galapagos.

The Sagitta beckons us home in the evening twilight.
The Sagitta off Elizabeth Bay, Isabela Island, the Galapagos. Sagitta was home throughout our Galapagos adventure


Two penguin resting in the twilight on a rock at Elizabeth Bay on Isabela Island. The endemic bird took little notice of us as we passed by in our panga.

Two Galapagos penguin on a rock near Isabella Island, Galapagos